Best Bose deals for Christmas 2018: headphones to speakers, the best prices you'll find

Whether you're after deals on the flagship QC35 or a massive price cut on an older Bose speaker, we're keeping our finger on the price pulse for you

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Bose makes some of the most desirable audio products in the world, from the market-leading – market-defining, even – QC35 wireless noise-cancelling headphones, to its ever-evolving range of home speakers, portable speakers and home cinema setups.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and New Year sales are all a good time to shop for headphones, speakers and other audio gear, and that holds true for Bose as well. However, you can find price cuts at other times of the year. Here, you'll find the best current prices on Bose's most prized speakers and headphones.

Bose QuietComfort QC25 for iOS | £129.94 | Was £289.95 | Save £160.01 (55%)
These wired, noise-cancelling headphones normally retail at about the same price as the QC35, which is mad. Perhaps that's why the price has now been slashed, with the iOS version now under £125 – a very reasonable price to pay for such a great pair of headphones, even if wired technology does feel a bit 5 years ago, today.

The audio quality and comfort of the QC25 are typically impressive for Bose – and pretty similar to the aforementioned QC35. A single AAA battery (included) provides noise cancelling for up to 35 hours, and you can still use them to listen to music (without NC) should that run out. The QC25 then folds down into a compact carry case.

Please note that for whatever reason, only the iOS version of the QC25 is getting this big discount from Amazon. You can use it with an Android phone but you'll probably find the mic and inline remote don't work.View Deal

Bose SoundLink Revolve with Echo Input | £149 + £15 | Usually £199 + £35 | Save £70
The SoundLink Revolve is probably the best wireless speaker Bose has made so far, in terms of bang for your buck. It's solid value at £199 but Amazon has it for £149 AND – purely out of the goodness of their hearts – from December 12 will chuck in an Echo Input for just £15.

The Revolve is an absolutely textbook Bluetooth speaker that's currently highly ranked in our guide to the very best wireless speakers. It sounds great, it's got 20 hours of battery life, it's very portable and you can pair two in stereo or dual mono mode, if you want more volume and less portability. 

For £149 about the worst thing we can say about the Revolve is it does look kind of like a decapitated Dalek, or an ill-advised pepper mill. However, what really pushes this deal over the edge into true desirability is that you can get it alongside an Echo Input and save a further £20. Which is impressive because while the Revolve is over a year old, the Echo Input is so new that it hasn't come out yet.

The down side to that is you will have to wait until December 12 for it to arrive, because that's its launch date.

The Echo Input connects either via a 3.5mm cable (old school but easy) or Bluetooth (more fancy and allows longer distances between the two devices, but perhaps less advisable if you want reliability). What it does is very simple: via an array of mics and a web connection, it turns your dumb Bose speaker into a smart Alexa speaker, with the full range of Alexa tricks, from playing music to ordering pizza. YES!

What you end up with is not a million miles away from a Sonos One, but portable, battery-powered, and cheaper. It's definitely better sounding (and, again, cheaper) than Ultimate Ears' portable, Alexa-powered MegaBlast. Double yes.View Deal

Bose QuietComfort 35 Mk II | £279.99 | Was £329.99 | Save £50
The Bose QC35 is probably what most people are looking for a cheap price on but the best we can do at the moment is £50 off at Amazon. That's only really £10 off, as every major retailer with a clue does it for about £289, or £40 off. 

The QC35 Mk II is largely identical to the original QC35 but adds direct access to Google Assistant via the button on the left ear cup. Whether you find that useful or not, this is one of the best noise-cancelling headphones you can get, certainly among the most sought after, and that's why bigger discounts are rare.

Another option we'd tentatively recommend is buying the QC35 for £289.99 from John Lewis. That's because John Lewis (and Partners) throws in a free 2-year guarantee. That's just for repairs due to faults, though – you'll need to pay more for accidental damage coverage.View Deal

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