Best Bose deals 2019: headphones to speakers, the best prices you'll find

Whether you're after deals on the flagship QC35 or a massive price cut on older Bose headphones or speakers, we've got our finger on the price pulse for you

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Bose makes some of the most desirable audio products in the world, from the market-leading – market-defining, even – QC35 wireless noise-cancelling headphones, to its ever-evolving range of home speakers, portable speakers and home cinema setups.

Here, you'll find the best current prices on Bose's most prized speakers and headphones.

#1 Bose deal: QC25

Bose QuietComfort QC25 for iOS | £139.95 | Was £289.95 | Save £150
The QC25 shares the businesslike look and comfortable feel of Bose's wireless QC35. The noise cancelling is excellent and because they're wired, they will carry on working after the battery (1x AAA battery, actually) runs out, albeit without noise cancelling. For less that £140, they are a steal. Oh, and Amazon is also offering the option of paying in 5 monthly instalments of £27.99. View Deal

#2 Bose deal: QC20

Bose QuietComfort 20 | £129.95 | Was £249.95 | Save £120
Most noise cancelling headphones are over-ear but these wired, in-ear buds also feature the tech, for those who prefer a less obtrusive way to block out the sounds of trains, planes and people. Bloody people.

This does involve a quite bulky control box wired to the end of the buds' cable, but it's easy to slip into your pocket alongside your phone. The noise-quelling is very impressive and overall audio quality very good. They're over-priced at the RRP of 250 quid but at £129.95… MWAH. Get stuck in. NB: this deal was at Bose UK but now it's at Amazon UK instead.View Deal

#3 Bose deal: QC25

Bose QuietComfort 35 II | £289 | RRP £329 |
Save £40
With superb noise cancelling via wireless Bluetooth (there's also the option to plug in a cable to preserve battery), the QuietComfort 35 Mk II is rightly a huge seller, and widely acclaimed. 

The QC35 Mk II adds a button to awake Google Assistant, meaning that the headphones now excel as a music product, headset for making phone calls, and a sort of AI butler. 

The QC35's noise cancelling is still among the best of any premium headphones. It can be dialled up or down via the app to suit your location, and there is also a button to allow audio passthrough, so you can talk to air crew, or ask a policeman the time.

Peter Tyson, a highly reputable hi-fi dealer, has the QC35 Mk II for £289, which, if not an amazing discount, is still a better deal than any rival can muster.View Deal

#4 Bose deal: SoundSport in-ear

Bose SoundSport for iOS | £44.95 | Was £89.95 | Save £55 (half price)
The SoundSport buds for running and gym are water-resistant, but sound quality is good enough to use everyday. Your colour choices: 'power' red, 'energy' green or 'boring' charcoal. Bose were among the pioneers of using in-ear hooks to keep buds in place during workouts and the wired SoundSport in-ear headphones fit extremely well, to keep you fully focussed. View Deal

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