Social networking sites take an hour of working day

Facebook and Twitter cause mass procrastination

Facebook and Twitter steal an hour of working day

More than half of us are spending time during our working days updating our Facebook status and tweeting our innermost thoughts, a new study has claimed.

A thousand workers were surveyed in the poll carried out by recruitment website which discovered that one in 20 admitted to spending an hour or more on social networking sites during working day.

Lee Fayer, managing director of, said: "Our results clearly show that UK workers are spending increased time whilst at work on social media networks, which left unchecked, could have negative repercussions on the productivity of many companies across the country.

"Whilst we're certainly not killjoys, people spending over an hour per day in work time on the likes of Facebook and Twitter are seriously hampering companies' efforts to boost productivity, which is more important than ever given the fragile state of our economy."

Whilst some companies filter out sites such as Facebook and Twitter, many of the nation's workers are given free reign over their work time browsing habits and have decided to abuse this browsing power to keep their buddies up to date on what they had for lunch and where they are going after work.

If you're going to be sneaking online during work, make sure you're following T3 on Facebook and Twitter. As for us, well, it's about time the world of Twitter found out what on the lunch menu today.