Here's how the Sky Q update will make 4K viewing even better

View and record more, plus never miss an entire game even if you don’t catch the start

Sky has just taken the wraps off its plans for a Sky Q update due for next year. Yes, it only came out less than a year ago. Yes, it’s only recently had an update. But, yes, Sky just keeps giving.

The new Sky Q update will add features to make viewing and recording easier than ever. Thanks to a 2TB Sky Q box viewers will able to record a whopping six shows while watching a seventh. 

Fighting over the remote is a thing of the past then. Well it would be if the update didn’t also add voice search. Using the remote, viewers will be able to say what they’re searching for and find it instantly.

Also due in the update is a new homepage that can be personalised. This, says Sky, will allow you to get access to your recorded shows in a single swipe. 

The personalisation continues with recommended shows. How Sky will decide what you like and how it will offer new shows based on that, especially with multiple users, is not clear yet.

Lastly, and possibly the best, is a feature that will let you watch a live sports game from the start even if you missed the beginning and weren’t recording. This should work for football, Formula One and golf initially.

Expect to hear more closer to the update release in 2017.

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