The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Tesla Cybertruck collide for a phone worth $10K

This will make you stand out in the crowd, but perhaps not for the right reasons

Caviar Cyber Tesla S24 Ultra
(Image credit: Caviar International)
Quick summary

Caviar Cyber is a special edition Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone with a design inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck.

It costs $10,000 and there are only 99 pieces available. You can also customise it further for an extra cost, if you want to spend more.

If you thought smartphones were getting too expensive, then hold on to your wallets, because this mashup redefines excess.

Take one of the most expensive phones you can currently buy – the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – and fuse it with the car that's the talk of the town – the Tesla Cybertruck – and you get the Cyber from Caviar International.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has already proved its chops as one of the best phones of 2024, while the Tesla Cybertruck has probably taken more headlines than any other car before it. However, while Samsung's phone normally costs around $1,300, the Caviar Cyber will set you back a cool $10,000.

Okay, so that's for the 1TB version of the phone that would normally cost $1,700 (£1,550) from Samsung, but you get the point. Tesla's Cybertruck, for reference, costs around $57,000 – which sounds like excellent value for money considering what you get when compared to the Cyber Caviar.

Caviar Cyber S24 Ultra

(Image credit: Caviar International)

The $10,000 phone is finished in Titanium (as is the S24 Ultra), with a design that reflects the Tesla Cybertruck, with highlights in red enamel. It's exclusive too, because there are only 99 pieces, so if you want one, you better move fast.

For those serious about picking up a Caviar Cyber, you'll be pleased to hear there's a 15% discount if you pay with a cryptocurrency.

If you want to make things a little more bespoke, then Caviar International is only too pleased to oblige. There's the option to have your initials or logos added, engraving on the side of the phone or to replace the materials for something different.

Of course, this isn't the only design that Caviar offers either and indeed, the price isn't unreasonable compared to some of the other options in the company's catalogue.

You can, for example, opt for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with an 18-carat gold finish, embellished with eight natural diamonds, for only $74,000 – which is basically the same price as a dual-motor Cybertruck!

At least Samsung promises 7-years of software updates…

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