Samsung NX Mini is perfect for selfies

The interchangeable lens camera has a rotating screen for framing yourself

Samsung's latest interchangeable lens camera has a rotating screen, making it perfect for taking selfies. But there's a lot more to it than that.

The 3-inch screen on the NX Mini rotates 180 degrees, so you can see how you're posing for that selfie. You don't even have to press the shutter, as that could jog the camera, making for a blurry shot. Instead, just wink, and the camera will snap a pic two seconds later.

The 9mm wide-angle lens can also capture a lot of people in a group shot, so it's perfect for recreating that selfie from the Oscars.

The NX Mini may be small, but its 20.5-megapixel sensor ensures images are packed with detail. You can take shots in quick succession using the 6fps Continuous Shot mode, and the 1/16,000sec shutter speed means your pics will be blur-free.

It has plenty more features, too. NFC and Wi-Fi are on board for sharing your snaps wirelessly, and it can even double as a baby monitor – using NFC, it activates your paired smartphone via an app, so you can see if you need to attend to your child.

At 22.5mm thin, and weighing 158g (without the lens), it's a real pocket rocket. It comes in either white, mint green, or black colours.

The NX Mini will be on sale in April, along with a range of NX Mini lenses to choose from. Or you can buy an adapter, and use lenses from the standard NX.