Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite is dead: make way for the Galaxy Z Flip Lite

Rumors of affordable Galaxy Z Fold Lite have been quashed as a Lite version of the Galaxy Z Flip takes its place

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G
(Image credit: Samsung)

When it comes to an affordable folable, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite has now taken center stage, as rumors of a Galaxy Z Fold Lite are put to bed in favor of news of a more economical flip device. 

We first heard about the Galaxy Z Flip Lite last month, and we're all for seeing ground-breaking phones at more palatable price points. In the current climate of uncertainty, this is a welcome change of tack. 

Trusted industry analyst, Ross Young, expects has confirmed the rumors, saying that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the only Galaxy Fold model we'll see in 2021, and that the Lite iteration will be for the Galaxy Z Flip. He also echoed reports that Samsung is saying goodbye to its Galaxy Note series.    

Initially, it was rumoured that the Galaxy Z Fold Lite would be the device to fuse the innovation of the Galaxy Z Fold series with a gentler price tag; now, Young suggests that this has been abandoned in favour of the clamshell model.

As per the DisplaySearch report, the Galaxy Z Flip is predicted to be the best-selling foldable in 2020, followed by the Galaxy Z Fold 2. This is likely down to the price difference, and by launching a Lite version of the Flip, it'll offer a third, even more accessible price point for consumers who want to migrate to foldable devices.  

Young has previously said that the Galaxy Z Flip Lite will keep the premium ultra thin glass (UTG) of the original model, which is costly in terms of manufacturing, so we're expecting cost-saving features to manifest in areas like the processor, or internal hardware.

This is all speculative for now, as details are thin on the ground, but the prospect of Lite Flip should be great news for foldable fans, as it'll make for a more affordable entry-level into the world of Samsung's folable devices.      

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