Samsung confirms Galaxy Note series is dead in the water

Samsung boss says Galaxy Note's "favorite features" will migrate to other Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy S21 S-Pen
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

In a not-so-cryptic blog post, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note's key features are migrating to its other handsets, and given the recent buzz, this almost certainly refers to the S-Pen.

This move isn't too surprising, considering we already know the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will include the S-Pen. Reportedly, the entire Galaxy Note line is being scrapped after the Galaxy Note 21 next year, so the stylus ought to live on somewhere.

This confirmation comes from a Samsung end-of-the-year blog post written by TM Roh, president and head of mobile communications business. Toward the end of the writeup, Roh makes the following statement:

"We’ve also been paying attention to people’s favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience and are excited to add some of its most well-loved features to other devices in our lineup."

The Galaxy Note's "favorite aspects" almost certainly include the S-Pen, and that plural "devices" seems to be referring to more than just the Galaxy S21 and its confirmed support. 

A recent Samsung patent even illustrated the Galaxy Z Fold 3 brandishing an S-Pen. We've also seen Galaxy Scroll concept videos that incorporate the S-Pen, so it's likely the high-tech stylus could make its way across the Samsung portfolio.

It's not hard to imagine what the Galaxy S21 Ultra may look like in the end either. Recent renders tease the smartphone in its newly revealed Phantom Blue, and Phantom Brown, colorways, alongside Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. Each has a snazzy S-Pen to match. Leaked official teasers for the full lineup also give us a look at the standard Galaxy S21. and Galaxy S21 Plus in a smooth Phantom Violet.

Roh's blog post speaks more about the Galaxy S21 lineup, calling out its video capabilities specifically. Homing in on the creation, sharing, and streaming of video content, Roh promises that the S21 "will be more than ready to meet the demands of the video-obsessed in 2021." The post speaks to quality-of-life improvements too, including better picture-taking, maximized battery life and storage space, and optimized displays.

Altogether, this leaves us pretty excited to see what Samsung is cooking up for 2021. Roh ends the post with the promise of more to come in January, so we don't have long to wait. We expect the Galaxy S21 itself to launch in January too, according to various rumors. In any case, we can hang on to Roh's words and await more information soon.

Source: Samsung