Samsung Galaxy S21 CRUSHES OnePlus 9 with newly leaked benchmark video

Leak offers more complete visuals of Samsung's flagship device, including bench testing and new features

Samsung Galaxy S21
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Buzz around the Samsung Galaxy S21 continues to build with the latest leak of the company’s flagship device. Details are still scarce; yet, it provides a clearer insight into the model's design ahead of the rumoured January launch day.

The video leak is another chink in the OnePlus 9's armour, replete with front, back and side shots, alongside a set of stunning benchmark tests, visually laying the groundwork for a fascinating debut in 2021.

To add further intrigue to the sporadic bursts of news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S21, the YouTube leak was uploaded for a short while, made permanently private, and then re-uploaded by YouTube user, sakitech.  Theories are rife around the identity of the original poster, 'Random User 2', who could be a T-Mobile employee, as suggested by Twitter leaker, Max Jambor. 

Although the leaker remains secretive, the video is generously informative. Geekbench testing reveals a Single-Core score of 1115 and Multi-Core at 3326; if accurate, it signals a strong improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S20

Previously leaked benchmarks indicated a lower benchmark than the OnePlus 9, but this most recent video shows that the Galaxy S21 is still top of the tech tree. As we chug through the last days of 2020, it will be interesting to see how the race develops. 

The leak highlights the presence of two microphones next to the SIM tray on the Samsung Galaxy S21, with increased emphasis on recording quality and voice-activated smart functions as we head into 2021

Panoramic views of the phone offer a glimpse of the Galaxy S21 from all angles: flat screen, ultra-fine bezels, and a look at the sleek edges of the phone. Sakitech sheds further light on rumours circulating the Galaxy S21’s backing material, highlighting the possible presence of a polycarbonate – or 'glasstic' – shell in a black matte colorway. Either way, Samsung look to be gearing up to offer substantial improvements as we head into the new year. 


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