Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 6 fully revealed in most detailed images we’ve seen yet

Newly leaked marketing images show the new versions of Samsung's best folding phones in advance of next month's launch

Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6
(Image credit: EvLeaks / X)
Quick Summary

Leaker EvLeaks has obtained a large collection of leaked Samsung images including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. These are the most detailed images yet and clearly show the design changes.

We've already seen leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, which are set to be Samsung's best folding phones for 2024 and into 2025. But those images weren't as detailed as the ones just posted to X by leaker EvLeaks, who has obtained what appear to be official Samsung marketing shots well in advance of the phones' launch next month.

The images, posted to X, feature what the leaker describes as "Samsung's worst stock wallpaper ever" but thankfully the phones themselves are more interesting. 

What we can see in the new Fold 6 and Flip 6 images

As previously reported, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 has a more squared-off design that makes it look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and a wider aspect ratio for the main display. The hinge is clearly much slimmer than before, and the photos suggest that the bezels are thinner than before too. The leaked renders show two of the colour options, a dark blue and silver.

There are two colours in the images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 too: silver again and a lighter blue. As 9to5google points out, the silver looks very similar to the Titanium Gray colour of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which might be a sign that rumours about the foldable's use of titanium were correct.

What the images don't show is what's inside, and we're expecting that to be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 system on a chip. Previous stories indicated better battery life for the Flip and have indicated a potential price rise of about £100 for each device.

Samsung is currently accepting free reservations for the new phones on from US customers, offering a $50 discount for registering your interest and promising hefty promotional discounts too. It's also offering free entry into a sweepstake with a top prize of $5,000.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be officially launched at Samsung Unpacked on 10 July 2024.In addition to the phones we're expecting to see the new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds too.

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