Here's the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folding phone shown off on video

The Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip foldable can be seen in hands for the first time

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (also known by its codename, Samsung Galaxy Bloom) is tipped to be announced later this month at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. There's been a series of high-profile leaks in the run-up to the folding handset's launch, including (allegedly) the phone's entire internal specs. 

Now, one leaker has taken to social media and posted their first hands-on with the device – and it looks pretty legit. 

Mobile tech vlogger Ben Geskin has posted a video of a real-life folding handset on Twitter that matches a lot of the previous renders and rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S20. It's got that purple/pink colourway seen in renders from German outlet WinFuture, and several features we've previously heard about over the last few months. Check out the video below:

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That rumoured 1-inch display on the phone's external casing is present, displaying the time, battery life and notification info at a glance. Unfolded, the screen looks massive, and it could well reach the lofty 7.2" size heard about in previous weeks. 

It looks like the folding mechanism has been used to create a larger surface area to work on, while collapsing for ease of storing it in your pocket. It's a smart move, ensuring the fold is actually useful rather than a gimmick.  

Closed, it looks a bit like a GameBoy Advance SP. The dual rear camera and single punch-hole selfie cam are all present, which confirms last week's leak from WinFuture. From this, we could infer that the rest of the leak – including the phone's Snapdragon 855+ chipset and €1500 price point – is accurate as well. 

Samsung Galazy Z Flip

The accurate renders for the Z Flip

(Image credit: WinFuture)

Now we're finally seeing the phone in the flesh, it won't be long before Samsung Galaxy Unpacked hits, the phone is released and the foldable will land in the hands of eager users. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground for more news in the run-up to the Z Flip's official unveiling, and make sure you check back with T3 for our review once the handset launches across the world. 

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