Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could pack in a nifty processor upgrade

The next-gen smartwatch could get a nifty new processor

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Rumours suggest the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could be set for a decent processor upgrade.

It could be the most powerful wearable chip on the market – though it's also likely to split opinion.

In the world of the best smartwatches, the battle for your hard earned cash can be quite ferocious. There are a whole range of big and small names, looking to tempt you into buying their model or using their feature.

One of the top buys right now is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. There are a handful of limitations – you'll need to be an Android phone user – but if you fit the bill, it's a brilliant option.

Now, rumours are emerging about the next generation of that model. Expected to be dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, the device could pack in a nifty new processor – though it's likely to split opinions.

Reports from the Korean Economic Daily suggest that the device will utilise a new chip called an Exynos W1000. That's an in-house chip from Samsung, and is said to utilise a 3nm architecture.

That could make a big difference to the performance and battery life on the device. The smaller architecture should enable better efficiency, which could either be put to use in boosting the overall power, or improving the battery longevity.

It should be a strong performer. The report itself suggests that the W1000 chip could be the most powerful wearable processor on the market. That's a massive claim, though it's not too much of a stretch – the S9 chip in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 uses a 5nm process, for example.

It's also likely to receive a better reception than other Exynos chips. The brand's in-house processors aren't exactly loved in their Samsung phones, owing to historical issues with performance.

They've been commonplace in Samsung smartwatches since the segment opened, though. That should have built up some loyalty and love from users.

There's currently no word on when this device will launch. However, they tend to arrive sometime in the mid to late summer, alongside their new range of foldable phones. That doesn't leave us with too long to wait – and we'll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more details before then.

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