Samsung Galaxy S11 launch date LEAKED with secret Motorola Razr rival

We finally know when the Samsung Galaxy S11 (and the company's clamshell) will land in smartphone users' pockets

Galaxy S11
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A smorgasbord of Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours have been circulating around the internet as of late. We've heard about the new square five-camera setup, its 108MP sensor and its curved screen, but one consistently common, yet unconfirmed rumour is the early 2020 launch date. Now, it seems we finally have confirmation this is going to be the case. 

Leakster-in-chief Iceuniverse, who has an excellent track record with Samsung devices, revealed in a tweet that February 18, 2020 is the exact launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S11, to be held in San Francisco, USA. But that's not all: the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy clamshell foldable, billed as a rival to the Motorola Razr rather than a continuation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold line, will also debut at the same event. Check out the full tweet below:

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If true, it certainly lines up with all the other rumours we've heard regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11, which lends extra weight to Iceuniverse's other scoops such as the iPhone 11 Pro-esque camera module on the back of the phone. With top-range specs and 5G heavily rumoured to come as standard on the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus, we're excited to see how Samsung has future-proofed its newest flagship.

However, the last we heard, the first Samsung clamshell was set to debut as a China-only model, so to reveal it at an event in the US suggests a wider release. Although Samsung first teased clamshell folding at an internal Samsung Developers Conference in San Jose, there was no indication of a release schedule.

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In our Motorola Razr breakdown, we loved the retro flip-phone aesthetic of the device while lamenting the middle-of-the-road specs. The phone contained a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and a 2510mAh battery capacity - none of which are top-of-the-line.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will pursue a similar route to compete in terms of price, or go for better specs to oust the Razr as the "best" clamshell on the market. We'll know for sure in February, when both phones are purported to be unveiled.

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