Samsung Galaxy S10 video confirms rival Note 10 design

A new Galaxy S10 video reveals exactly how the incoming flagship will compare with Samsung's Note series

Samsung Galaxy S10 video and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rival
(Image credit: IceUniverse)

Straight off the dramatic reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is to sport a triple lens camera system comes an incredibly revealing video leak that not only confirms key design features, but also just how the incoming flagship looks set to differ from the South Korean maker's other 2019 big phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The Galaxy video in question is from Samsung leakster-in-chief Ice universe, who posted it on YouTube with an accompanying Tweet. Here is the video in full:

The video reportedly shows a case for the incoming Samsung Galaxy 10+ flagship phone, with Ice universe stating in the accompanying Tweet, "Can the Samsung Galaxy S10+ case accommodate Note9? look here."

Here is the Tweet in full:

This Samsung Galaxy S10+ case in the video, if authentic (and based off Ice universe's pretty much bullet proof history in accurately calling and leaking Samsung Galaxy news it most likely is), confirms a few things.

Firstly it shows that despite the Galaxy S10 series reportedly getting another screen size increase (down to some bezel-reducing trickery), physically the device won't be the same size as the Galaxy Note 10 unless Samsung suddenly decides to dramatically rework its size and shape.

Despite this, and secondly, the Galaxy S10+ video shows that the phone will abandon the Galaxy S9+'s vertical camera lens orientation for a triple lens horizontal array, which tallies well with the recent photo reveal noted above, as well as info that points to the phone boasting DSLR-level camera features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 could be Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rival

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will retain a rounded edge design.

Thirdly, the Galaxy S10+ video seemingly shows that Samsung has also decided not to change a few things with its incoming flagship, too, including maintaining the series' rounded edges design (which contrasts to the Note's more rectangular edge shaping) and, in news that will no-doubt be a relief to many users, retain the headphone jack.

With CES 2019 just around the corner, and with MWC 2019 also charging over the horizon, hopefully we will soon get our first official glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of phones to confirm these details, as well as if it is true that the series is reportedly to contain a 5G model, too. T3 will be at both industry events, so be sure to check back in soon for the full Samsung Galaxy S10 series picture.

Via: Forbes

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