Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders: how to ensure you’re first in line on release day

Just because we don't yet know the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, doesn't mean you can't start queuing

Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre Order Release Date

Samsung is gearing up to launch it all-new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10, at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona next month. The upcoming Galaxy S phone is widely-tipped to use the same Infinity-O style display used in the Galaxy A8s last night, enabling the company to squeeze more screen real estate into a handset that's still small enough to use one-handed.

Although the Seoul-based company has yet to confirm the official release date for the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, which is widely-tipped to ship in three different versions including a more affordable, entry-level model, mobile firm EE has already launched a webpage to register your interest in the unannounced handset.

Unfortunately, EE chooses its words very carefully on the new webpage, so you won't find any clues about which rumoured features will make the cut for the next entry into the best-selling Galaxy S smartphone series.

"Big news! The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world," the BT-owned carrier states. "We can’t say much more at the moment, but it’s safe to say you can start getting excited. To be one of the first to find out more, register below."

EE requires users to give their name, current mobile number, email address, and current network to get the latest information on when the next-generation Samsung smartphone will be available to buy.

Of course, EE doesn't explicitly say that it's talking about the Galaxy S10, so there is a possibility this could be for a new Galaxy J, or Galaxy A handset. However, mobile networks rarely launch these "Register Your Interest"-style webpages for mid-range handsets, so we'd be surprised if that turns out to be the case. Also, Mobile World Congress is only a matter of weeks away, so it makes sense for EE to start gauging interest in one of the biggest smartphone launches of the year already.

According to the latest whispers from inside the company, Galaxy S10 hardware will be available to pre-order as soon as the official keynote has wrapped up on February 25, 2019 with an official release date pegged for Friday March 8, 2019.

If the report is accurate, it makes sense that EE wants to drum-up some excitement before the curtains close on the keynote and the first pre-orders go live. It's unclear whether pre-orders will only be available from Samsung itself on February 25, or whether network partners, like EE, will also be able to offer the handset on the date.

If you're already an EE customer and are very keen to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as soon as it hits shelves worldwide, it might be worth heading over and registering your interest now. No worries if you can't be faffed, T3 will have everything you need to know about the new smartphone. Stay tuned.

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