Samsung Galaxy Note 20 EXTREME chip will also be in Samsung S21

Samsung takes on Apple iPhone with a new, EXTREME processor with a VERY intimidating name

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Galaxy S2 new EXTREME processor
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Note 20 is getting ready for war with iPhone – and the processor in it is sufficiently powerful that it might still be be state of the art when the successor to the just-released (ish) Samsung Galaxy S20 launches. Apparently intended for the aforementioned Galaxy Note 20, Samsung has just announced new chipsets that will allow it to make more powerful smartphones without taking up too much room in their innards. The new technology it's using will allow it to keep the processor size down, making for slimmer handsets packed with power.

The news comes via an official announcement on Samsung's blog in which the smartphone manufacturer revealed that its new extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology is being used to mass produce 7 nanometer (nm) and 6nm chips.

The EUV technology enables the intricate chipset patterns found on more powerful processors to be scaled down, which Samsung says "provides an optimal choice for next-generation applications such as 5G, AI, and Automotive. " 

The company has hopes of pushing the tech even further, with designs on making a chip as small as 3nm. It's possible we may see these ultra thin processors in the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 which is expected to launch later this year alongside the Galaxy Fold 2. Or Samsung may skip the Galaxy Note 20 altogether, and roll them out in next year's Galaxy S21.

Another interesting titbit that might have flown under the radar but was picked up on by Tom's Guide, whatever that is, was the mention of "automotive" applications. Just this week, Apple released its iOS 13.4 beta which includes a new feature called AppleKeys. If you have an NFC-enabled car, you can pair your iPhone with the car's NFC reader, and the virtual key will be available in the Apple Wallet app. 

Samsung could be looking to implement a similar feature by the sounds of it. It's already rolling out its own version of AirDrop, announced at the Unpacked event this month, called Quick Share. Unlike Apple's AirDrop, Quick Share lets users transfer files to up to five people at once, rather than just one. 

The Galaxy S20 is fresh off its launch and already seems to be a winner - as does the more pricey Galaxy S20 Ultra. If Samsung continues to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone on features, and refines its tech even more, Apple has got something to worry about.

Source: Tom's Guide

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