Forget Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – plans for the Galaxy Fold 2 have been revealed

A true Samsung Galaxy Fold sequel is in development – but has Samsung learned its lesson from last time?

Galaxy Fold
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy S20 are both due to arrive next week, at the Korean smartphone company's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. However, now we are on the eve of the phone's official unveiling, it seems leakers have moved on to other projects coming a little further down the line. 

We heard our first rumours regarding the Note 20 earlier this week, and now we're hearing rumblings around an official Samsung Galaxy Fold successor, which we're calling the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been all but confirmed to be its own "Z series" of phones, rather than a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The difference is in the axis of the foldable's hinges: the Samsung Galaxy Fold has opted for a vertical book-fold design, while the Z Flip is a flip-phone style "clamshell" horizontal fold. However, a second book-folding phone is reportedly in development at Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold in closed mode.

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According to a report from Samsung leakers GalaxyClub, Samsung used "Winner" as its production codename for the Fold. Now, word from inside Samsung is that a new foldable codenamed "Winner2" or "Win2" is in active development. We don't know many more details, but GalaxyClub is also reporting that the Win2 5G is also being worked on as a separate model, implying the Galaxy Fold 2 will come with 4G as standard, just like the original.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a somewhat turbulent launch period when it was released in 2009. Originally set to be released in April, complaints about the fragile nature of the Fold's screen and gaps in the phone's hinges causing it to break led to a soft relaunch later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

(Image credit: Samsung)

Hopefully the learning process is over for Samsung. With the upcoming release of its second foldable, the clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the Fold 2 will benefit from the experience of designing both phones and deliver an advanced, robust folding handset at a price that won't break the bank.

However, this is all still early days to be thinking about the Fold 2. Ahead of us, we have Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on Tuesday, when the Z Flip and S20 range will be unveiled to the world. Colour us excited.

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