Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming with this S20-beating screen tech

Our first Note 20 leak arrives

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
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As well as having an iPhone-smashing EXTREME processor, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will also have a fancy screen. It might also, for all we know, have lasers in it, and be able to float! That's what's exciting about phones so new they haven't even been announced yet. Samsung Galaxy S20 might be almost here, but its certainly not the only Samsung device making waves around the net. Although the company's Motorola Razr-rivalling foldable, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, is also set to launch at next week's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, a third line of smart devices has just emerged – and if the leaks we've heard are accurate, it could be packing technology not even the flagship Galaxy S20 series will have. 

Noted leakster Iceuniverse, who's brought us a lot of information regarding forthcoming Samsung handsets in the past, is at it again. The leaker has taken to Twitter to post his latest tidbit of info, but it's regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which is not one of the handsets rumoured to arrive next week. 

As the tech world geared up for the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S20 range, very few people were thinking about the Note 20 right now. However, Iceuniverse has changed all that. Check the tweet in question out below:

Brief, but important. Traditionally Samsung's biggest phone, the Note range (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus), is comprised of "phablet" models that come with the advanced S Pen stylus. Notes are designed to give users plenty of screen space to create, write, draw and otherwise work across a larger surface with the accompanying stylus. 

Naturally, the Note's screen is of paramount importance, and Iceuniverse claims a "more fine-tuned" version of the Galaxy S20's rumoured 120Hz refresh rate will be present in the forthcoming Note 20. 

Refresh rate, like frame rate on film, is how often the picture on screen refreshes itself and is replaced by a new image. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother motion looks as you scroll across or up and down the screen. A low refresh rate will result in lag as the image on the phone's screen struggles to catch up with your finger or stylus.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

(Image credit: Samsung)

A "fine-tuned" version of the 120Hz technology suggests the Note 20 will be packing kit that even the S20 Ultra won't have, which is the top-end device set to launch next week and rumoured to retail for around $1300.

We'll no doubt start to hear more about the Note 20 once the S20 series is on the shelves.

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