Google Pixel 5 XL leak reveals key camera feature to take on Samsung Galaxy S20

Google's next flagship phone could be upping its camera game

Google Pixel 5 XL render
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

If you want a Pixel 5 XL leak that is at least size XXXL in size and importance, here is what you're after. The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL launched last year, and while we're still waiting for the inevitable follow-up of the more affordable 'a' series, it seems that a source close to the company has – oops – 'leaked' a CAD file for the next big entry in Google's smartphone lineup. Can you guess what it's called? That's right: Pixel 5 (and Pixel 5 XL). 

The Pixel 5XL and its Mini Me are not due to be announced for at least nine months, so this is a very early teaser but it suggests Google is adding a camera feature found on high-end rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S20. Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL, by contrast, are expected to release in May.

This render shoes a Pixel phone with the same matte black finish we've come to know and love on Google's previous smartphones. There's also a glossy, U-shaped camera housing on the back and this Pixel 5 render teases a wide-angle lens –something notably and woefully absent from the Pixel 4, although there are workarounds. The positioning of the lenses and flash on the U-shaped does give it a slightly unfortunate resemblance to a surprised cartoon face, but the addition of a wide-angle lens would be welcome.

Ultra-wide lenses allow you to stuff more of your subject of choice into your shot, whether that's a beautiful landscape, or a man with an unusually wide face. Google's decision to omit it from the Pixel 4 was baffling given its competitors' flagships all boast one – even perpetual late arrival Apple. Google did add a telephoto lens to the phone and the cameras are great and all, but the lack of wide-angle was still a let down. 

Up front, meanwhile, the Pixel 5 XL is reported to have a slightly smaller forehead bezel than the sizeable one on the Pixel 4, although this aspect isn't finalised. Well, if there's 9 months till release probably no aspects are finalised, let's face it.

In fact, the finished phone might not look like this particular render at all, as Google engineers typically produce three prototypes for upcoming smartphones, then whittle it down to the final design over the course of months. The other two prototypes apparently sport square camera arrays on the rear that are more similar to the Pixel 4. 

The engineers at Google are said to be two months out from deciding on the final chassis design, and their choice could be based on your reaction to this leaked render. We are not sure that the world is ready for a camera array that looks like an alarmed cartoon face.

Source: Front Page Tech 

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