Samsung to launch a cheaper Galaxy Note 10 to rival the iPhone 11

It could be called the Galaxy Note 10e

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung could be looking to capitalise on the success of the budget Galaxy S10e with a dumbed-down version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which some suspect will be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10e. At least, that is according to a recent report claiming the firm is developing a new handset with the model number SM-N770F.

What's particularly interesting is that Samsung is yet to label a device that isn't a member of the Galaxy Note series with a model number starting with SM-N. As such, it's safe to assume that the handset in question is an upcoming Galaxy Note model. And the fact the sequence ends with 70F hints it's a variant of the Galaxy Note 10.

If we were looking at the Galaxy Note 11, it would undoubtedly end with 80F.

Unfortunately, there's no information pertaining to what compromises the device has had to make to have been relegated to the budget league – other than that the internal storage has been slashed from 256GB to 128GB. But seeing as it's a Galaxy Note, it's unlikely the coveted S Pen is missing. After all, it's the main calling card.

Instead, we'll likely see a drop in RAM, a less impressive camera and a slower processor.

It's not difficult to see why Samsung would be looking to launch a budget variant of the Galaxy Note 10. Beneath the ultra-luxurious Galaxy Fold, it's the most expensive smartphone in its stable – making it just that bit out of the realm of affordability for your average Joe, who wants the latest handset on offer but can't quite afford it.

This wouldn't be the first time the company has released a more affordable version of a flagship device, either. It did the exact same with the Galaxy S10, launching the cheaper Galaxy S10e alongside it. And it worked – the handset was welcomed with open arms by those wanting a taste of the Galaxy S10, for a fraction of the price.

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