Rocket shoes? The On Cloudboom Strike may be too fast for its own good

On's latest launch is so fast, it's practically flying

On launches Prism Collection and Cloudboom Strike running shoes
(Image credit: On)

In a stunning turn of events, the much-anticipated On Cloudboom Strike has finally hit the market, causing a frenzy among runners and shoe enthusiasts alike. This release, part of the limited-edition Prism Collection, promises a vibrant aesthetic and groundbreaking performance. 

With the Paris Olympics just around the corner, On has timed the launch of the Cloudboom Strike to perfection. Yet, there’s one minor hiccup—the running shoes are so fast that athletes might finish their races before they even begin!

Rumour has it that a test runner accidentally broke the sound barrier during a casual jog, causing widespread confusion among local wildlife and an unexpected spike in UFO sightings. (We're just kidding, of course.)

Weighing only 210g (EU M 42), the Cloudboom Strike has a 4mm drop with a maximum stack height of 39.5 mm. It features the hot-off-the-press bounceboard technology and the all-new Helium Hyperfoam. The unique drop-in midsole construction maximises energy return, making each step feel like a catapult launch.

Comfort on the run

But it’s not all about speed. On has ensured that the Cloudboom Strike is as stylish as it is functional. The semi-transparent mesh upper offers high breathability while revealing your snazzy compression running socks.

Comfort hasn't been overlooked, either. The tailored one-piece upper, moulded heel, and meticulously designed tongue promise a snug fit that cradles your foot in all the right places.

If you're looking to inject some serious speed into your training routine or just want to turn heads at your local track, the On Cloudboom Strike might just be the perfect fit. Just be sure to hold onto your hat—and maybe alert air traffic control—before you take them for a spin.

The On Cloudboom Strike is available to buy from today as part of the Prism Collection directly from On for a recommended price of $280/ £270/ €290 (approx. AU$415). It comes in sizes US 7-14 for men and US 5-11 for women.

Matt Kollat
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