PS5 restock: Argos offers amazing chance to secure a console before Black Friday

Another opportunity to secure a PlayStation 5

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Update 2: A further update states that the Argos stock drop has been delayed until next week. Confirmation that stock wouldn't go live today originates from the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account, with more information expected to be shared soon.

Check PS5 stock at Argos now 

Argos typically drops stock from 8AM BST onwards, so be prepared for a big one sometime next week. We've already had Very go live with its second allotment of stock this week, while Amazon is starting to feel a little overdue. For the latest details, make sure to head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker

Update: Another update has been provided on the next PS5 stock drop from Argos. It seems a small supply of digital consoles arrived at various Argos stores around the country, according to exclusive information from the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account (nearly 200,000 followers). 

Original Story: It's a great time for anyone that's a fan of games. We've reached peak season, with the likes of Far Cry 6, FIFA 22, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Call of Duty: Vanguard all out in the wild now. What would be even better is if everyone that wanted a PlayStation 5 could actually get their hands on a console. 

Already this week has proven very fruitful for consumers, thanks to drops from ASDA and Very for the first time in nearly a month. then had a surprise restock around midday, however, it seemed to cause a lot of problems when it came to checkout. Fortunately, there's still plenty of chances left before the week's end. 

Let's focus on the next big one: Argos. The retailer last held a restock on October 27th and has once again been restocking over the past few days (via PS5 Stock UK). History would suggest a restock should take place before the end of the week, so make sure to check in at your local retailer as soon as possible.  

Argos has proven hugely successful as one of the best UK retailers for obtaining a PS5, potentially only behind GAME and Amazon. Its regular supplies will hopefully continue well into Black Friday and the holidays – that is, if Sony has anything to do with it

What you need to know for Argos going into any potential restock is that its online service can be very hit or miss. This is why we urge consumers to check local stores as well as call up any you'd be willing to travel to. Argos stock turns up often on the day with shop workers unaware until the pallet of consoles turns up then and there. The number of times we've seen people share successes by dropping in on their lunch break or whatnot has massively outweighed online wins.

Of course, if you are not able to, we urge you to go for bundles to be in with the best chance of securing a console. There's also our handy tips guide for anyone new to the PS5 buying madness. Outside of that, keep your eyes peeled to social media and T3's official PS5 restock tracker for the latest details. Best of luck!  

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