PS5 price leak blunder gives fans the scoop on PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition 🤐

A French retailer drops PS5 price bombshell before removing details from its site

PS5 console and DualSense controller
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Sony and Microsoft have both unveiled their upcoming next-gen consoles, but have yet to get down to brass tacks and reveal the pricing for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and the all digital editions of both pieces of hardware

According to industry insiders, we can expect the two tech giants to break their silence on how much players will be shelling out this holiday season at some point this month, but it seems that one retailer has accidentally spilled the beans on the PS5 price tag, beating Sony to the punch. 

PS5 price leak

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French retailer Carrefour listed the PS5 and a number of its accessories on its site along with their respective prices, before quickly taking them all down. As you'd expect, the blunder didn't go unnoticed, and French blog PhonAndroid managed to grab a screenshot before they disappeared (via BGR).

The listing puts the PS5 price at €499, and the PS5 Digital Edition at €399. This is in line with pricing rumours we've heard already that mirrors these exactly, equating to $499/ £449 for the PS5, and $399/ £349 for the PS5 Digital Edition in the US and UK. 

The only detail that gives us pause is the price of the peripherals, all of which were marked as €49.90. Considering this was applied to the DualSense controller, official headset, charging cradle for two controllers, PS5 camera, and a multimedia remote, it's very likely that the amounts shown were merely placeholders - at least for the accessories.  

Carrefour now has a pre-order page for both the Xbox Series X and PS5, stating they'll go live "soon." It joins the ranks of other retailers prepping for PS5 pre-orders, all of which are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to drop pricing details before they pull the trigger on opening them up.

Source: BGR

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