PS5 hardware and features confirmed in OFFICIAL Sony image

And boy oh boy, what a console the PlayStation 5 is going to be

PS5 PlayStation 5

Sony may not be attending E3 this year, but that hasn't stopped it revealing plenty of juicy details about its PS5 next gen console over the past month.

From the soft launch with PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny back in April, through the following leak of key hardware specifications in early May, and onto this week's dramatic reveals that the system boasts "dramatically increased graphics rendering speed", which was then actually shown off in a video, we now know a lot about just how the PS5 is going to square up against Microsoft's next Xbox, which is codenamed "Anaconda".

And everything that we now know just got officially confirmed by Sony all in one place with a visual graphic that shows exactly what hardware and features the PS5 is coming with, as well as everything that we have yet to learn about the next-gen console.

The graphic comes from Sony's latest investors' relations report presentation, which was made available on Sony's official website, with the Game & Network Services Segment containing a visual breakdown of Sony's "Next Gen" console information. The graphic can be viewed directly below:

PS5 PlayStation 5

The official "Next Gen" PS5 graphic from Sony's Game & Network Services Segment of its latest investor relations report.

The official Sony graphic shows the following: 

1. That the PS5 will comes with an all new CPU and GPU

2. The PS5 will come with new SSD storage

3. It will offer backwards compatibility to play old games

4. Its GPU will support Ray Tracing

5. 8K resolutions will be supported

6. The PlayStation 5 will come with an optical disc drive

7. The PS5 will come with a new 3D Audio chip

And as you can see, T3 has reported on each one of these features and hardware reveals, with months of rumours and leaks culminating into what can only be said to be an absolute killer next-gen console.

8K resolutions and ray tracing support is the stuff of gamer dreams, while that superfast SSD will make tedious game loads a thing of the past. Throw in super-immersive 3D audio, which should be a major boon in any game but particularly PSVR 2 titles, a monstrous back catalog of PS5 games, the ability to still buy and trade games physically as well as download them and, naturally, also have access to a stunning selection of PS5 games at launch, and it's easy to see why Microsoft would be worried.

After all, Sony marched to a decisive victory this generation in the console war, with the PS4 outselling the Xbox by over two to one. As such, Microsoft will need to hit very hard with its Xbox Scarlett program to stand a chance of fighting back in the next console war, which if recent reports are accurate, it is definitely planning to do. This official roundup of confirmed and yet to be confirmed PS5 information by Sony, though, shows just how much work that will require from the American console maker.

Hopefully Sony will share more information about the things it has not spoken about yet soon, with the PS5 currently slated to get a 2020 Q3 release and a launch price of $499.

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