PS5's incredible graphics and speed laid bare in official Sony presentation

Official Sony presentation spills the beans on PlayStation 5

PS5 PlayStation 5

Sony just held its Corporate Strategy Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Despite the somewhat dry corporate title, these meetings are hugely exciting as they're when Sony lays bare its plans for the next financial year and, in news that will no doubt get loyal PlayStation gamers salivating, juicy details about the PS5 console's insane power and performance were brimming in the presentation.

Those details are reported in the official Sony presentation release notes of the meeting, which includes a "Game & Network Services" section that not only mentions the company's "next-generation console", but also reveals some tantalising details about just why this system will be "The Best Place to Play" next-generation games (and not the forthcoming rival from the Xbox team).

According to the official Sony report, the PlayStation 5 will deliver an "immersive experience created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the employment of further improved computational power and a customised ultra-fast, broadband SSD."

In addition, the report states the next PlayStation will be the best place to play great next-gen games as Sony is "leveraging the latest computing, streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies, together with excellent content." Excellent content? That sure sounds like jaw-dropping PS5 games to us here at T3.

"Dramatically increased graphics rendering speed" also tallies perfectly with what we already know about the PS5's hardware, with a CPU based on the third generation of AMD's powerful Ryzen line of processors, and a custom variant of Radeon's 7nm Zen 2 Navi family supplying next-gen graphical power and effects like ray tracing.

PS5 PlayStation 5

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Indeed, when you consider that the PlayStation 5 is rumoured to be packing a colossal 24GB of RAM, clock speeds that could be in-excess of 3.2Ghz for the 8-core CPU and 1.8Ghz for a GPU capable of 12.9TF (teraflops), a super fast new SSD that can load games far, far faster than on PS4, and a big old dollop of secret PlayStation "special sauce", those claims of "dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds", "improved computational power" and "ultra-fast, broadband SSD" seem very likely.

After all, considering this is an official Sony meeting report, and the PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny recently hinted at similarly impressive levels of power and performance in an interview about the so-called PlayStation 5 with Wired, it would make no sense at all for these system details to be bogus.

As for the mentions of "streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies", that also makes perfect sense for PS5, and especially so in light of recent reports that Sony has formed a partnership with Microsoft on video games streaming.

It also makes perfect sense considering that rumours of an unparalleled backward catalog of streamable PS4 games will be accessible on the PS5, and that there might even be a brand new 5G PSP (PlayStation Portable) incoming that could stream games directly from the cloud or from a gamer's home console.

These latest bullish statements from Sony have only increased T3's hype levels for the PS5 even further, so here's hoping we find out more about its official release date and price soon (slated for Q3 2020 at $499), as we can't wait to get hands-on with the Japanese maker's powerful Xbox Two rival.

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