PS5 tip-off reveals console's INSANE power as "Sony meeting" infiltrated

Sony PlayStation gamers are going to be excited, very excited

PS5 PlayStation 5

Following the official PS5 unveiling by PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny last month, our idea of just how powerful Sony's "next-gen console" is reached tantalising new heights, with an AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Navi GPU, and super-fast SSD promising to deliver truly jaw-dropping gaming experiences.

However, very little backed-up-with-numbers detail was then forthcoming, leaving gamers to wonder just how good PS5 games will look, and just how well they will run in comparison to Microsoft's next Xbox flagship, which is codenamed "Anaconda".

That though, if a reported insider leak is true, just changed dramatically, with a tip-off from a person who was actually attending an official "Sony meeting", relaying a whole bunch of number-rich PS5 specifications.

The supposed spy's dossier of information was originally posted on Reddit, with user u/17791 revealing that, apparently, a close friend had recently been "at a Sony meeting due to the nature of his work" and that this official Sony meeting "took place the day after the PS5 article went up", which is an allusion to the Wired-exclusive PS5 soft launch with Cerny.

PS5 PlayStation 5

A spy shot taken from the "Sony meeting" where the insider supposedly became privy to the PS5 specifications.

(Image credit: Reddit user u/17791)

At this meeting, according to u/17791, his friend became privy to a detailed list of PS5 specifications and, after taking a spy shot of the meeting room (see above pic), he gave the Reddit user permission to share some of the things that were mentioned. The following list of PlayStation 5 specs and comments were then listed in the Reddit post:

"8 core Zen 2, clocked at 3.2Ghz.

Custom Navi GPU, 56CU, 1.8Ghz, 12.9TF. RT is hardware based, co engineered by AMD and Sony. (They believe the RT hardware is the basis for the rumour that Navi was built for Sony)

24GB RAM (Type or bandwidth wasn't mentioned)

Custom embedded Solid State solution paired with HDD."

PS5 PlayStation 5

Will the Sony PlayStation 5 be more powerful than Microsoft's next Xbox flagship console?

And, while we would definitely take these leaked specs with a pinch of salt, if the PS5 is going to be equipped with anything like a 7nm AMD Zen CPU with eight cores and clocked at 3.2Ghz, as well as a custom AMD Navi GPU that is clocked at 1.8GHz and delivers 56 compute units and 12.9 teraflops of power, and a large 24GB of RAM and SSD, then it is definitely going to be pixel-pushing powerhouse of a system.

That's because in layman's terms all those numbers equate to insanely big console gaming performance, with 4K-plus resolutions and high 60fps-plus frame rates deliverable.

A next-gen console system with these sorts of specifications would also pose a very fierce rival for Microsoft's next Xbox flagship, which only recently was predicted to be even more powerful than the PS5.

A PlayStation 5 console packing this hardware, though, as well as a good dollop of that secret "special sauce", could actually tip the balance of power in the next-gen console war once more toward the Japanese maker. PlayStation gamers should be excited, very excited.

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