Xbox Two more powerful than PS5, confirmed by "very reliable" sources

Good news for gamers waiting for the next Xbox flagship console

Next Xbox Two Scarlett Anaconda
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Microsoft's flagship next Xbox Two console, which is codenamed "Anaconda", will be more powerful than Sony's next PlayStation 5 console.

That's according to reporter Ainsley Bowden, who recently tweeted that "multiple insiders have now confirmed it's true Xbox 'Anaconda' will be more advanced".

When asked if the sources Bowden referred to were his, he then followed up with another Tweet stating that they were not his sources but "known sources for MS/Xbox info that are very reliable and have been accurate for years on leaks".

Here are Bowden's Tweets in full:

Exciting news, then, for Xbox gamers. That said, though, this isn't really new information. Indeed, way back in June last year, when Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that the next Xbox console was coming, he directly stated that it would "set the benchmark for console gaming" on release.

That means that you establish a new gold standard. In short, you are the new best-in-class product that rival products fall short of, which in the next-gen console war would include the PS5. So, really, this latest tip-off from Bowden simply reaffirms what we already know.

That said, it is still reassuring to hear that "very reliable" sources, who "have been accurate for years on leaks" have restated Microsoft's ambition to be top-dog in terms of hardware and performance in the next-gen console war.

That's because if the Xbox Two is more powerful than the PlayStation 5 recently officially revealed by the console's lead system architect Mark Cerny, then gamers are going to be offered a dream choice when it comes round to choosing their allegiance in the next-gen console war.

On the one hand they will be offered a powerhouse PS5 console loaded with advanced technology and boasting awesome virtual reality gaming support, and on the other hand they will be offered a technical hardware leader that, based on what we know of the PlayStation 5's capabilities, should support up to 8K graphics and ridiculously high frame rates.

It will literally be a win-win for gamers. Hopefully we will hear more about Microsoft's plans for the "Anaconda" Xbox Two flagship at E3 2019.

Via: The Sun

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