This Sony PS5 graphics secret weapon should have Xbox Scarlett worried

New PlayStation 5 rumour suggests that although the next Xbox is looking great, it's not going to have an open goal to tap into

PS5 next Xbox Scarlett

Console wars part 57: AMD's advanced Navi graphics tech is being built specifically for the Sony PS5. That could give the next-gen console a big advantage in its war against the next Xbox, currently codenamed Scarlett. The next PlayStation console's GPU architecture will draw on faster and more powerfuller, 7nm chips, under the flag of AMD's Zen CPU and Navi GPU technologies.

This comes courtesy of an insider leak to Forbes.

If Navi is being made bespoke for Sony's PS5 console, a console that we already know is in development, it would be a significant weapon in the Japanese brand's fight-back against Scarlett. 

• Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently opened up about Microsoft's next Xbox, which is likely to launch in 2020.

Having an entire graphics architecture specifically built for the PS5 – rather than simply adopting an off-the-shelf system built for whatever – the next PlayStation will be able to deliver increased levels of optimisation, which should mean more graphical power. That should lead to higher resolutions, faster frame-rates, more elaborate textures, and special effects far in advance of the current King of Consoles, the Xbox One X.

This leads to the eternal question of console launches: is it better to launch sooner, or better? 

The PlayStation 5 is confirmed as coming in 2021, which is as much as 12 months after the next Xbox is due. Scarlett already looks like a beast of gaming machine, but PS5 will – by definition – be newer and possibly better at launch. However, if launch plans remain the same, the next Xbox will have had a long, long head start in which to conquer the next-next-next-gen market.

The question is, with Navi tucked securely and exclusively in its pocket, as well as AMD's next generation Zen CPU architecture, can the PS5 persuade gamers to wait for it, like an extremely fast gaming diva, headlining a console festival? 

We suspect a better gaming experience, driven by a hyper-optimised, exclusive suite of graphical cleverness could help PlayStation 5 win the next console war… and we'll find out in a mere 2-3 years time. Keep refreshing this page.

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