PS5 launch is one step closer as key component goes into production

The chips set to power the PlayStation 5 are now being created in "high volume"

PlayStation 5
(Image credit: CatWithMonocle)

The Sony PS5 looks like it could be soon heading into full production, with the advanced 7nm computer chips that the console is set to utilise now being created in "high volume".

The news, reported on by, states that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMCS) has begun producing these advanced new chips on a massive scale and that, as T3 reported recently, the GPU and CPU likely to be inside the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be powered by them.

The key clue that these chips are heading towards the PS5 is in TMCS's statement on the scaling up of production, which states the new 7nm chips will be used in a "gaming" and "GPU" capacity.

Both Microsoft and Sony utilise AMD's processing and graphics technology in their respective consoles, with the PS4 coming with a Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). It would be highly unlikely for either of them to switch supplier due to established relationships.

This leads us to the conclusion that the PlayStation 5 (and probably the Xbox Two as well) will utilise AMD's next-generation 7nm graphics tech, codenamed Navi, and 7nm Zen 2/3 processor tech to power its spectacular new gaming experiences.

Considering that the PS5 release date was just leaked as being in 2020, and that there have been reports of development kits heading out to game developers for the system, too, this timing makes good sense to us and it has got us more excited than ever for Sony's next-gen gaming system.

If the PS4 Pro can deliver breathtaking visual experiences like God of War, just think what a Navi-equipped PS5 could deliver.


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