PS5 faceplates promise limitless possibilities to match your mood

Good news everyone! You can change the color of your PS5 to match your decor if white's a little too much

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Ever since Sony unveiled the PS5, the hardware's unique design has raised a few eyebrows; the company ditched the standard black rectangle for a white conch that's all curves, and makes a hell of a statement.

We've seen a number of fan renders of the console decked out in a Spider-Man Miles Morales theme, Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as a plain black edition that seemed to go down well with fans who are craving the more traditional colorway to blend into the array of gadgets on their TV stand.

But now that's more than just wishful thinking, with PS5 faceplates in a range of colors being revealed that can be with you by launch day. 


(Image credit: PlateStation5) has unveiled its selection of custom PS5 faceplates, "born out of the single desire to create a Matte Black custom faceplate" that the community seems eager for; but the site has ended up expanding that to five colors, and while they're fairly basic, they'll scratch the itch of the swathes of fans who want alternatives to the pristine white casing.

Priced at $39.99/ £32/ €34.95 you can pre-order any of the following colors right now, which will be shipped to you by November 12:

• Limited Edition V1 Matte Black
• Chromatic
• Cherry Red
• Indigo Blue
• Jungle Camo 

You can get the faceplate set for both the Standard Edition and Digital Edition of the console. 


(Image credit: PlateStation5)

While the plates are unofficial, Sony has teased "even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions" at some point down the line, so we're expecting to see faceplates based on some of the PS5 games lined up for the console from official channels.  

Source:  PlayStation Lifestyle

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