Xbox Series X fridge is real and looks amazingly cool in this video reveal

Microsoft uses the Xbox Series X to power your memes

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Despite the stark contrast in design of the Xbox Series X and PS5, both Microsoft and Sony fans have made light-hearted jabs at the respective consoles, from their size to the uncanny resemblance they bear to other household items; and in the case of the new Xbox, that item was a fridge.

Well the joke's on all of us, as it turns out that Microsoft has fully embraced the meme, and now Xbox Series X fridges are out in the wild – and we're a little jealous! 

Microsoft has sent out a few of its custom built fridges, with photos and videos popping up on social media over the weekend.

YouTuber iJustine tweeted out a short clip of the fridge doing its thing, lighting up with the Xbox's signature green glow and emitting the console's start-up sound when opened. You can check out the full unboxing (uncrating?) video below:

Snoop Dogg was also gifted with the fridge, posting the video to his Instagram account, but it was deleted shortly afterwards. Presumably the rapper broke an embargo, or accidentally spilled the beans on an upcoming collaboration that's on the cards for launch.

The Xbox Series X fridge meme started last year, and back in March, Xbox got in on the joke with a tweet showing the console next to a fridge for scale. Little did we know it was cooking up this stunt, and we love it! 

The Xbox refrigerator is decked out to look just like the actual hardware, complete with oversized USB ports, and a slot for your equally giant Seagate Storage Expansion Card.  

If Microsoft decides to dabble in the world of home appliances on a larger scale, you can sign us up. 

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