WhatsApp has Zoom in its sights with this long overdue feature

WhatsApp Web is set for a new feature that sees it take on Zoom and Google Meet

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WhatsApp is a great little app for your smartphone, and while there's a web version for your browser, it doesn't allow the same functionality as the Android and iOS versions.

WhatsApp is working on hammering out some these issues, which will see users being able to log into their accounts across multiple devices at the same time, as well as syncing messages across them, but the next update could see the web version get a huge upgrade that will allow it to compete with the likes of Zoom and Google Meet. 

WABetaInfo has been ferreting about in WhatsApp Web version 2.2043.7 and discovered that the ability to make both voice and video calls could be rolling out in a future update as soon as next month.

At the moment, that feature doesn't exist, so this will be a huge step up that will see WhatsApp finally be able to compete with other popular video calling apps, which have enjoyed an explosion in popularity since the pandemic put the kibosh on socialising in person.

The website also included a couple of screenshots demonstrating what the feature looks like in action when making (left) and receiving (right) calls. 

WhatsApp Web

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

At the moment, it's in beta, so you won't be able to give it a whirl for yourself just yet. It also means it's not guaranteed to roll out, but we'd be surprised if WhatsApp missed the opportunity to bring its service in-line with its rivals.

Everyone else has been quick to adjust to the new normal of video hangouts, so it's surprising WhatsApp has waited this long to answer the demand for the feature, but better late than never!

Source: WABetaInfo

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