PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales special edition console is absolutely AMAZING

Jaw-dropping PS5 special edition makes standard PlayStation 5 console look boring

PS5 PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Miles Morales
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital | Giuseppe Spinelli)
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PS5 PlayStation 5 LG CX TV

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We're now only weeks away from the Sony PS5 hitting store shelves, with gamers the world over desperately trying to lock-in a PS5 pre-order so that they can play awesome PS5 games like Spider-Man Miles Morales on day one.

And, speaking of PlayStation 5 consoles and Spider-Man Miles Morales, a brand new video has just been published that shows off a simply stunning Spider-Man Miles Morales Limited Edition console. The reveal video can be viewed below.

The Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 console is the brainchild of concept artist Giuseppe Spinelli, who has created the jaw-dropping system for tech website LetsGoDigital.

As can be seen from the concept video as well as from the images below, Spinelli was inspired by the previously released Spider-Man PS5 Pro console, but then dialled the awesome up to 11 by not only turning the PS5 black, but then adorning it with a cool shiny web decal and large embossed red spider in its center.

This black and red colorway is inspired by Miles Morales' Spider-Man outfit and, with the scheme also carried through to the console's LED lighting around its vents.

Spinelli also supplies a PS5 DualSense controller with the cool new design, with a black finish and red spider web joined by a "Be Yourself" slogan on the controllers front-mounted touchpad.

PS5 PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Miles Morales

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital | Giuseppe Spinelli)

PS5 PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Miles Morales

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital | Giuseppe Spinelli)

Here at T3 we think this PS5 special edition concept design looks absolutely stunning and our only regret is that it is not yet a real product we can buy. Here's hoping someone at PlayStation and Insomniac Games (the developer of the game) catch a sight of this and make it into a reality soon.

Still looking for a PS5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition? Then be sure to check out the pre-order guide (link above) or today's latest availability in the deals charts below.

Elsewhere in PS5 news, it was recently revealed just how much storage space the console delivers to gamers fresh out of the box. The PlayStation 5's SSD is technically 825GB in capacity, but after system files and the OS not all of that is useable. Check the story out to discover how many games you'll be able to install without needing a space upgrade.

In addition, in Japan PS5 previews have already begun, with select titles like Famitsu getting to go hands-on with the console. There's plenty of preview videos to watch right now, so be sure to check out T3's roundup of the best.

And, interestingly, from one of those Japanese hands-on previews, a mysterious metal nut and bolt has been spotted in the PS5's venting. 4Gamer, the site that first spotted it, have speculated that the nut, once removed, allows the outer casing of the PlayStation 5 to be removed so that it's innards can be accessed – including its expandable SSD slot.

Gamers will be keen for more information on this, as while there is obviously room to install games on the stock PS5, many will be looking to expand their storage pretty sharpish after release. Plenty of SSD makers are already turning out drives that are compatible with PS5, and offer capacities of 2TB or more.

Most recently, we've also heard about Sony's bullish belief that the PS5 is going to sell more than the PS4 at at launch. Speaking to South Korean news site Naver, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that:

"We think the PS5 will sell more in its first fiscal year than [we] sold in the first fiscal year at the time of PS4 launch".

This seems to put to bed the rumor that Sony was having PS5 production issues and was going to produce 5 to 6 million fewer consoles in its opening financial year than expected, which was something that Sony strenuously denied would be the case.

And, well, that's great news for PlayStation 5 gamers, as it will mean that there will be plenty of console on offer during its launch period. Now if Sony can just sort the pre-order situation we'll be golden.

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