PS5 hands-on video: Real hardware up-close in gamer hands

Select titles and streamers get hands-on access to the PS5. Watch the videos they made now

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So it has finally happened – Sony has released the first wave of PS5 consoles to select publications and streamers so that they can go hands on and produce PlayStation 5 preview videos.

These previews have all taken place in Sony's home nation of Japan, with respected gaming publication Famitsu joined along with others such as Dengeki Online in producing PS5 hands-on videos off the back of the access.

And these PS5 videos not only show the console up-close and in use, but also the DualSense controller being used and actual PS5 games running like Godfall.

A selection of these PS5 hands-on videos can be watched directly below:

In addition to these preview videos, another Japanese gaming publication 4Gamer has also gone and posted a whole bunch of PS5 images that show the console up-close and from loads of angles that we haven't so far seen.

These images can be browsed through in the image gallery directly below:

Clearly, then, the PS5 is starting to emerge into the light, with reviewers getting to go hands on with real commercial units. So far only limited previews have come out, which while great and definitely our best look yet at the PlayStation 5, do leave a lot of things out.

For example, in none of the previews is there any information or images about the PS5 user interface, which only a few days ago leaked online in a few blurry pictures. Without doubt, there is still a lot more to discover from the PS5, so here's hoping Sony takes the shackles off and gets more PS5 review units out ASAP.

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