PS5 announcement today: what to expect

Sony is expected to drop PS5 news today and here's everything we're expecting to find out about the next-gen console

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The PS5 is gearing up for its November launch and while Sony has revealed both the standard and digital-only edition of its consoles, and its lineup of accessories, we're still in the dark about the price and exact release date.

But that should all change today, with Sony rumoured to be dropping the key details about the PS5 on the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation's North American launch. Here's what we're expecting to see. 

PS5: price

Sony unveiled the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition at a reveal event back in June and we've been impatiently waiting for the pricing on the hardware ever since. 

The most recent rumours place the standard PS5 at $499/ £449/ €499 with the Digital Edition coming in at $399/ £349/ €399. 

Microsoft only just unveiled its own digital-only version of the Xbox Series X yesterday, revealing that the Xbox Series S will cost $299/ £249.99, potentially undercutting the PS5 All Digital Edition by $100/ £100, meaning Sony could have a fight on its hands. 

We're hoping Sony will also include prices for the PS5's accessories; as it stands, we're heard that the DualSense will retail for $59.99/ £54.99/ €59.99, the charging cradle will be priced at $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99; the HD camera will come in at $59.99/ £54.99/ €59.99; the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset will cost $159/ £129/ €179; and the PS5 remote will set you back $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99.     

PS5: release date

The PS5 is officially set for a Holiday 2020 release window which has been narrowed down to November based on a slew of leaks and rumours. 

The most recent titbit places the launch anywhere between November 20 and November 27, but given that Black Friday falls on November 27, we're placing our bets on the former.

Microsoft has been a bit more generous with regards to the launch date of its own console, confirming a November window. At one point, the Xbox Series X website displayed a Thanksgiving 2020 release, which would put the exact date at November 26, but the company backpedalled on this immediately, saying it was "inaccurately listed."

It's possible that the PS5 and Xbox Series X could launch within days of each other ~ they may even share the same release date – but if Sony makes the move to announce the PS5's date first, it could steal the new Xbox's thunder, and even push Microsoft to reschedule the Xbox Series X's debut.

Horizon Forbidden West PS5

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PS5: gameplay

The list of PS5 games coming to the console isn't a secret, and we've already been treated to a sizzle reel of the platforms impending titles, but during today's event we're set for another helping of trailers and gameplay.

That's according to a leak this week that claims Sony will be showcasing gameplay for already-confirmed games, a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, Call of Duty: Cold War's multiplayer mode, and a major horror title from a Japanese studio that will be a platform exclusive.  

Sony has the upper hand in terms of launch titles, with Microsoft breaking the news that Halo Infinite won't be ready for the Xbox Series X's launch. It'll be offering its Game Pass of course, but it can't compete with the heavy hitters that Sony has lined up.  

Sony is currently delving into a week of PS VR and has unequivocally said that there won't be any PS5 news this week, but with rumours of an announcement today coming from a major UK retailer as well as the usual internet sources, we think it's aiming for the element of surprise.

After all, making a big next-gen announcement on the PlayStation's 25th anniversary just seems like too good of an opportunity to miss.   

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