Prime Day can wait – I'm shopping these new Yeti colorways instead

Fall in love with Yeti's latest colorways and skip the Prime Day madness

Yeto launches new Fall colours in 2024
(Image credit: YETI)

Why battle the virtual crowds on Amazon Prime Day when you could be basking in the glory of Yeti's new fall colorways? That's right, folks: Yeti has just dropped their Fall Limited Edition Seasonal Colorway collection, and it's enough to make even the savviest of shoppers rethink their Prime Day priorities. 

The new Key Lime option is a vibrant hue inspired by the Florida Flats and the heart of the Florida Keys. It's a color so fresh you might just be tempted to squeeze it into a pie. This one's for anglers and sun worshippers who know that life is best lived on the water—or at least, with a cooler that makes you feel like you are.

The other fall option is Wild Vine Red, a shade inspired by the foragers and foodies who live in the lush landscapes of New Zealand. It's the perfect color for those who believe that a good picnic involves a touch of adventure and a splash of sophistication.

Imagine reaching into your Wild Vine Red Yeti cooler, pulling out a perfectly chilled bottle of wine, and pretending you're in a vineyard rather than your local park. It’s the ultimate blend of ruggedness and refinement – much like the best Yeti coolers themselves.

Although you can buy all of Yeti's most popular products in the two fall colorways, our favorites are the two patches. The Wild Wine Antler Patch and the Key Lime Pie Patch are awesome ways to customize your Hopper Soft Cooler Flip, Camino Carryall Bag, Panga Duffel, or any other bag or jacket you might have.

So, who needs Prime Day when Yeti's fall colorways offer such tantalizing alternatives? Skip the frantic click-fest and treat yourself to a cooler that not only keeps your drinks ice-cold but also comes in colors that make a statement.

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