Philips Hue is launching brighter E26 smart bulbs to transform your home

Philips Hue cranks up the brightness with new bulbs

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Phillips Hue looks set to drop a new range of bulbs that deliver a brightness of up to 1,100 lumens. For comparison, that’s approximately a whopping 40 percent brighter than previous Hue lamps, which typically cap off at 806 lumens.

If you're in the market for an improved standard bulb from the much-loved Hue brand, then the new entries on Philips' web store hint at a range of bright and powerful bulbs to spice up the lighting levels of your home. 

The enlightening new Hue info comes via HueBlog which spotted the new bulbs in the Philips Hue US online store. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this new generation of E26 bulbs is not actually how powerful they are, but whereabouts they sit in Hue's wider product range. 

It's true that Philips already has an even brighter bulb in the form of its White A67 bulb. These smart bulbs offer a hyper-powerful 1,600-lumen output (equivalent to 100 W) for ultra-bright smart lighting. Hue's E26 bulbs sit comfortably somewhere in the middle, providing an excellent trade-off between too dim and something overly bright. 


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With no official announcement from Philips just yet, we don’t expect these bulbs to be hitting US shelves for a while, but it’s interesting to catch a glimpse of Hue’s product cycle in concert with other brands' best smart bulbs before they hit the shelves.

If you fancy something more affordable, then the Wyze Bulb Color is another recent and super-cheap smart bulb to hit retailers' shelves if you feel Hue's range is a bit on the pricier side of things. 

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