Philips Hue now requires users to make an account - here's everything you need to know

It's taken a lot of people by surprise!

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The past few months have seen Philips Hue introduce a lot of new updates, announcements and products to its range. It started off with the launch of the brand's new security system, Philips Secure, and more recently the Philips Hue Bridge Matter update. Well, it doesn't stop there. Philips Hue have now announced that its requiring users to sign up for a Hue account in order to use its lighting.

Whilst there are lots of smart home brands that require customers to sign up to an app and make an account, it's something that Philips Hue hasn't touched on before. Users that rely on their Philips Hue smart bulbs or entertainment systems to add ambience to their home haven't had to register any information with the company. In fact, the ability to use Philips Hue smart lighting without having to register is one of the main reasons why many people buy the brand's products in the first place, particularly those worried about privacy data. 

Only a few days ago, Twitter uses spotted Philips Hue confirming that this is all about to change. In reply to a customer enquiry, the brand replied with the following:

Calling it a 'mandatory' requirement, Philips Hue say users will have to sign up for a Hue account by providing an email address or by signing in with a third-party option, such as Sign in with Apple. Whilst the brand has stayed quiet on the exact date of the policy change, their Twitter comment suggests that these changes are heading our way soon. 

Philips Hue have been met with a lot of backlash about the decision, with many users hoping it won't incur extra costs. The announcement comes soon after the brand exposed its plans to charge subscription fees for the incoming Philips Hue Secure system. The Basic plan (£34.99/€39.99 per year) provides access to 30 days of video history, while the Plus plan (£84.99/€99.99 per year) offers 60 days of video history. It's the first time Philips Hue has requested extra costs after the product is purchased, and it's an announcement that has also had a mixed response. 

The brand's requirement for users to have an account suggests that they're hoping to earn more money by charging users for additional premium features, and the best way to it is by making sure its customers already have an account. 

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