Panasonic Eneloop vs Energizer Recharge Extreme: two top rechargeable batteries compared

We compare the excellent Panasonic Eneloop and Energizer Recharge Extreme to help you buy the right batteries

Panasonic Eneloop vs Energizer Recharge Extreme
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If you've landed on this page, it's very likely that you're in the market for the best rechargeable batteries – something that doesn't need too much explanation – and to help you make the decision, we're comparing two of the elites: Panasonic Eneloop and Energizer Recharge Extreme. 

In 2021, having some rechargeable AA batteries to hand is still incredibly useful, especially as we find that you need them the most when they aren't around. So many things, from portable lights to walkie-talkies, use them and so getting the best is important.

Unlike buying the best smartphone or best tablet, rechargeable batteries are pretty simple: the main points of difference are how many recharges you can get, how big the capacity is, and how long they will last on average. 

So, let's jump in and find whether the Panasonic Eneloop or Energizer Recharge Extreme is the best rechargeable battery. 

Energizer Recharge Extreme

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Panasonic Eneloop vs Energizer Recharge Extreme: features and use

As you might imagine, comparing AA batteries is... pretty simple, as there aren't too many (or any!) moving parts.

The headline specs are these: Panasonic's Eneloop gives you 1,900mAh of capacity, a reasonable amount, compared to 2,300mAh for the Energizer. In terms of recharging, the Eneloop can go 2,100 times, an astonishing figure, compared to 500 for the Recharge Extreme.

Both come in AA and AAA formats and use the same Ni-MH battery technology, which stands for nickel–metal hydride battery. Feel free to Google for more science-y stuff, but basically they work very well.

In our testing, both of these batteries were incredibly reliable, recharging well and delivering all the power that was needed. While Panasonic's Eneloop is probably the more reliable overall, there isn't too much in it. Neither of these will let you down.

Panasonic Eneloop

(Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic Eneloop vs Energizer Recharge Extreme: verdict

The bottom line is that you won't be disappointed or let down by either of these rechargeable batteries: they offer loads of capacity, plenty of recharges, and won't leak or do other horrible battery things.

On balance, the best bet is to go with whichever is cheaper on Amazon (or wherever you're buying them) and, failing that, the Eneloop offers over 4x the number of recharges, making it a slightly better bet.

But, as we said, both of these rechargeable batteries are fantastic and come from highly reputable brands, making your choice a lot easier.

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