OnePlus Open gets a great free upgrade with a stack of new features

Users of the foldable phone in the USA will finally gain a stack of fantastic features

OnePlus Open review
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After a longer than expected wait, users in the USA can access Android 14 on their OnePlus Open.

The update brings a host of new features to those with the phone.

We've seen a lot of innovation surrounding the best foldable phones on the market in recent years. New models seem to pop up every other week right now, from brands which have established themselves in the space and new starters alike.

Arguably the most exciting of those is the OnePlus Open. Widely regarded as one of the most well-rounded designs yet, the model fuses fantastic camera quality with a host of other top hardware, making it a really popular pick.

If you live in the USA, though, the OnePlus Open has still been missing one rather major thing. The Android 14 software has so far been missing, with OnePlus opting to roll the out in a slower manner.

Fortunately, that all changed today, as users across the USA started to spot the update on their devices. The fairly hefty upgrade includes a whole host of new features, efficiency measures and security updates, but also offers tighter integration with the Microsoft Link to Windows software.

That enables users to sync content between their Windows computer and their Android phone. It's a similar concept to AirDrop on iPhones and MacBook's and should offer better integration for users.

Elsewhere, the update brings a new feature called Aqua Dynamics. That appears to act in a similar manner to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone, placing key details from your apps into smaller frames at the top of the page.

Users will also enjoy the latest February security patch. The highlight there included a change to app permission settings in the back end. That should allow users to keep more control over exactly which photos and videos can be seen by which apps.

In order to get the update on your device, simply head to Settings. From there, tap the About pane, and you should see a large OxygenOS banner at the top.

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