Nothing Phone (1) users are getting a cool free software upgrade soon

The news has been confirmed by Nothing CEO Carl Pei

Nothing Phone 1 review
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News broke earlier this week that the Nothing Phone (2) is coming soon. The company announced that the launch date for the companies' second Android phone would take place next month.

There are a lot of eyes on this release. While the first generation handset from the brand was strong, this release is set to raise the bar. We already know a handful of specs. The device will come with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, and will feature a slightly larger display.

With all of the focus on the new device, Nothing Phone (1) users might feel a little left out. But they won't be. That's because a decent software upgrade has been confirmed for that device, by none other than Nothing CEO, Carl Pei.

In a recent tweet, Pei confirmed that the Nothing OS 2.0 software would be available to Phone (1) users by the end of August. That means that the new software features designed for Phone (2) will make their way to older devices.

That's a great upgrade. A lot of time and effort will have gone into the new software. That should hopefully mean a whole suite of new features are coming, and Phone (1) users will be able to reap the benefits of that, too.

It's also brilliant timing. When Nothing OS 1.5 rolled out, it was a few months after Android 13 launched in the wider market. While the new software isn't slated to be built on the next version of Android, it's still said to be a significant upgrade.

In a recent interview, the companies' Software Creative Director, Mladen M. Hoyss, said that the new software would focus on functional aesthetics. The aim is to pull some of the more useful features of Android to the fore, and make them easy for users to access.

They also mentioned having that information available at a glance. Hopefully, that employs a design similar to the Google Pixel 7 feature of the same name. That allows users to quickly see useful information like the weather, or the next event in their schedule.

Whatever happens, we don't have long to wait. We're likely to see a good chunk of the details on Nothing OS 2.0 at the launch event for Phone (2), which is taking place on the 11th of July.

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