Nike's new running jacket can sense and react to sweat on the body

Aerogami's moisture-reactive vents autonomously open and close upon sensing sweat against the body

Nike Aerogami Transforms in Real Time to Keep Runners Cool
(Image credit: Nike)

Nike has always been at the forefront of product innovation in the running industry. Think about the Nike Vaporfly 4% – six years after its launch, the best running shoe manufacturers are still trying to catch up with those shoes. Now, Nike is back with yet more innovation in the form of the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket.

Aerogami is a venting system that autonomously adapts to your needs, creating more-breathable performance gear with on-demand ventilation. Nike says Aerogami is designed to interact with your body in real time as you warm up, sweat and cool down.

What does this even mean? According to the brand, Aerogami utilises tiny winged vents that open as sweat builds against the skin, allowing better airflow and for sweat to escape. The vents close back up when the body cools down, and sweat dries. This capability comes from a moisture-reactive film applied to the ducts that autonomously contracts and expands upon sensing sweat against the body.

The new jacket's venting system is located across the chest and back of the garment, where runners heat up and sweat most, allowing airflow to travel through the jacket as runners move.

"Aerogami is our latest example of Nike's culture of innovation focused on solving the timeless needs of runners," says Jahan Behbahany, Senior Apparel Innovation Product Manager in Nike's Advanced Innovation Collective. "What's great about this technology is not only can the athlete feel the benefit, but they can also see it."

The jacket also features Storm-FIT ADV (retailer link) — Nike's pinnacle performance apparel material — to help protect runners from wind and rain. The women's Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket releases in July 2023 at Nike and select retailers—the men's jacket releases later this year.

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