'Cutting edge' TweetDeck for Android app coming soon

Twitter-owned service coming out of hibernation with new app aimed at power users

TweetDeck is working on cutting edge apps for Android and iOS. The company, now owned by Twitter, promises a next-generation suite for millions of users

TweetDeck, the massively popular Twitter client bought up by the social network last year, will return with a new Android app later this year, according to a recent job posting.

The app, developed by Brit Ian Dodsworth has been relatively quiet since it was acquired for a cool $40m last May and since, the mobile apps have been placed somewhat on the back-burner.

The company launched a new HTML5 desktop version in September which dropped Facebook support, as well as the popular link-shortening tool and keyboard shortcuts, which proved unpopular with the tool's power users.

However, the company which still operates out of London, is in the process of building a new "cutting edge" Android app.

A posting on the company website says: "The TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app. We're building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday. You'll work on our small team, own the projects that you work on, and have a great time shipping products which change the way people communicate."

TechCrunch reckons the company is also working on a similar app for iOS, but those positions have already been filled.

With Twitter's big redesign last year, the company buried some of its more popular features, such as lists and direct messages, so hopefully the new breed of TweetDeck clients can fill that void for the social-network's more prolific users.

Via: TechCrunch