New Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 bike computer looks so enticing it might make me start riding my bike every day again

The new ELEMNT BOLT 2021 features a 64-colour display, ambient light sensor, watertight body and automatic rerouting

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 price release date
(Image credit: Wahoo)

If you haven’t already, it’s time to remove the cobwebs from your road bike in the shed and head out onto the road once again. And although the weather is a bit hit-and-miss still which might deter you from riding all the the time, what might incentivise you a bit more to get back on the saddle is the brand-spanking-new Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 bike computer, featuring a colour screen, an ambient light sensor and expanded navigation features, among other things.

That’s right, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is back, baby! The cycling computer currently occupying the numero uno spot in our best cycling computer guide underwent some serious upgrades. Bye-bye, monochrome display, hello, 64-colour, high-contrast screen. In fact, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 is so good, it might make me abandon my current plans of getting as big as Game of Thrones’ The Mountain or at least Rio Ferdinand and get me to ride again every day until my legs give in. 

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021: price and availability

The new ELEMNT BOLT 2021 is available for purchase from today at Wahoo and selected third party Wahoo dealers for a recommended retail price of $279.99/£249.99/AU$419.95.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 price release date

(Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021: features

The new ELEMNT BOLT 2021 features a 64-colour, high-contrast display, protected by a 2.2” screen made of durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Better still, the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight of said display to make sure it’s always easy to read, even in suboptimal light conditions (e.g. dawn or dusk).

Quick View LEDs on the top of the screen provide turn-by-turn directions, signal approaching Strava Live segments, and provide notifications when you receive messages via email, WhatsApp etc (this can be turned off if it’s too distracting). The overall construction of the BOLT makes it waterproof (IPX7) so you can keep on riding, even in this abysmal weather we’re having lately, without having to worry about the computer getting wet.

As well as the hardware overhaul, the BOLT also received a robust navigation update. Now featuring Smart Navigation (previously available only on the ELEMNT ROAM), the ELEMNT BOLT automatically reroutes riders who stray from their planned route, lets you change destinations, route back to the start, and retrace your ride right from the computer, without having to use their phone. An updated user interface offers “customisable, colour-highlighted fields” which might make it easier to monitor specific data fields.

The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2021 has a 15-hour battery life which is the same as the OG BOLT’s but the onboard memory has been increased to 16GB “with millions of miles of roads and trails already preloaded” onto the computer.

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