New iPhone 12 design with four cameras takes on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Could this be the final design of the iPhone 12 when it's released later this year?

iPhone 12
(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

 Now the iPhone 11 and its larger siblings, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, have been in the hands of users for a few months, everyone is already wondering what comes next. Apple usually releases its new line of devices in the autumn, so we’re looking at a September release for the iPhone 12 (along with any other new devices coming our way).

However, there’s been so many rumours, leaked information and speculation around the phone that concept artists are already posting their predictions on how the phone will look. The latest video from ConceptsiPhone uses all the information we know so far and incorporates it into a stunning design.  

The new video shows the retro curved iPhone SE-style edges previously predicted in an earlier leak. The SE has long been rumoured to make a comeback in some form, so we’re likely to see the design resurface in the coming months. 

But where the iPhone SE’s display was a scant 4”, the iPhone 12 (and the iPhone 12 Pro) is rumoured to be on the larger side. ConceptsiPhone gives no specs for the design, but with phablet growth showing no sign of slowing down, we’d be very surprised to see a screen under 6”. Without further ado, check out the video design below:

The design showcases a gorgeous four-camera setup reminiscent of the iPhone 11 Pro’s three-camera module. It’s likely to include an ultra-wide angle lens, a time-of-flight sensor and possibly a macro lens. 

Whether the camera setup will follow the trend of other flagship handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and use a huge 108MP sensor remains to be seen. However, we doubt it, as the iPhone 11 Pro was rated the “best camera on a smartphone” in our review, even though it’s only three 12MP lenses. It just goes to show megapixels aren’t anything.

Would you be happy with this design for the iPhone 12? It’s of course very likely to support 5G networks and come with the latest and greatest Apple chipsets (possibly with 6nm architecture to rival Samsung’s new kit). However, it contains none of the flashy gadgets displayed by other concepts, such as an in-built projector.

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