Netflix isn't on Apple Vision Pro at launch, but there's a workaround

A native Vision Pro Netflix app won't be available to begin with

Apple Vision Pro being used by a man to watch content
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro headset is getting closer to hitting the market on 2 February, with pre-orders starting tomorrow, 19 January 2024.

So, we're learning more and more about the extravagantly-priced and premium headset as it moves closer, but the latest tidbit of news to emerge is actually less than ideal from Apple's point of view.

While other streaming services are seemingly toeing the line, Netflix has confirmed (via Bloomberg) that it won't release a standalone app for Vision Pro. That means there won't be a native in-app way to watch Netflix on the headset. 

There are doubtless plenty of reasons behind this, the biggest surely being that Netflix is far from sure how many people will actually buy the headset, making its investment in an app a questionable one.

Crucially, it's also confirmed that this won't completely lock people out of using the Vision Pro to watch its content – you'll still be able to open up Safari in the headset and find the Netflix website, watching things there just as you would on your MacBook Air

Interestingly, this isn't how we were told that Netflix would work, either. Vision Pro can run native apps (and those will presumably be the smoothest and most impressive to interact with) but it also has the option of running iPad apps as a backup. 

Netflix had said last year that the iPad version of its app would be the one that it recommends to people on Vision Pro, advice that it now seems to be scrubbing out. 

This makes for an interesting melange of positions, and while Apple isn't commenting officially on the situation, it's doubtless disappointed not to have the biggest name in streaming on board.

Of course, Apple itself is now a streaming rival to Netflix thanks to Apple TV+, and that rivalry could well be another facet that played into Netflix's decision to skip the platform for now. 

If the Vision Pro becomes a runaway success and best-seller, though, this is clearly something that could change - don't be surprised if Netflix releases an app if and when the headset has attracted a proper base of users. 

Max Freeman-Mills

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