MobiData offers 3G internet at just 99p per GB

New mobile broadband service offers 3G+ network with 97 per cent UK coverage

MobiData is a new internet service that provides low-cost mobile broadband with no contracts, no pricing plans and no hassle.

Mobidata is available with 1GB, 5GB or 10GB mobile internet packages on 1 or 3 month rolling contracts, and here's the good part - all packages can be cancelled at any time.

Customers are given access to secure broadband that's faster than EE's 3G network but not as fast as its 4G network, starting from just 99p per GB.

However all MobiData users will receive a free, automatic update to 4G once it launches such a service later in 2014.

The company has 97 per cent of UK population coverage as well as usage across 39 other countries, but at a raised cost of 15p per MB.

MobiData is especially handy for tablet users, giving them an affordable SIM that allows them to stay connected on-the-go, on a low cost data plan, with no 24 month sign up commitment.

To get started, you simply insert the MobiData SIM into your smart phone/tablet and start roaming.

Customers also receive usage alerts, and if you do go over your allowance you will only be charged 15p for each MB of additional data used.

You can visit the MobiData website to receive your free SIM card.