Le Creuset launches two new colours for spring and I’m obsessed

Le Creuset’s new spring colours are bold, bright and beautiful

Le Creuset Colours of Spring collection 2024
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

You might not feel it as the weather is currently bleak and dismal, but spring 2024 isn’t too far away now. To mark the occasion, iconic cast iron cookware brand, Le Creuset has announced its new ‘Colours of Spring’ collection, featuring two new colourways that I’m completely obsessed with.

Known for its signature enamelled cast iron products, Le Creuset offers a variety of colourful kitchen essentials, and its new spring collection is no exception. Last year, Le Creuset debuted its Coupe collection for spring which was full of dainty pastel colours, but this year, Le Creuset is taking things in a different direction.

For spring 2024, Le Creuset has announced two new colours: Rhône and Chambray. While the latter sticks to the muted colour theme of Le Creuset’s previous spring collections, the former is bright, bold and beautiful, and I need both of them in my kitchen immediately.

Starting with Rhône, this new colour has a red-plum tone that's inspired by the wine-making region of the Côtes du Rhône in France. Elegant, sensuous and sophisticated, Rhône is an ode to the brand’s French heritage, and makes a bold statement in your kitchen. The gold knob and other accents of Le Creuset cookware brings out the Rhône colour even more, and is a fun variation on the Cerise shade that Le Creuset is known for.

Moving on to Chambray, Le Creuset has introduced its newest shade of blue which is cool, relaxed and has grey undertones. Flexible and versatile, Chambray is the perfect addition to your kitchen for complimenting brighter colours, including the new Rhône shade. It completes the blue toned cookware from Le Creuset nicely, and adds a touch of elegance to your home.

While Le Creuset isn’t officially launching a new product, the ‘Colours of Spring’ collection is made up of the two new colours across the range of cast iron cookware, oven-to-table stoneware, serving plates and bowls, and other kitchen essentials. My personal favourites are the iconic Cast Iron Oval Casserole, tableware like the Stoneware Pasta Bowl and accessories like the Stoneware Grand Mug.

2024 kitchen trends are all about embracing colour and Le Creuset is the perfect brand to do that with, as they use the full rainbow across its collections. As with all Le Creuset products, the new Rhône and Chambray colours can stand alone or be paired with other colours from the line, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to elevating your kitchen this year.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘should I buy Le Creuset?’ or not, these new spring colours are definitely worth taking the plunge. Aside from the bright tones that fit well with any kitchen aesthetic, Le Creuset is made of high quality and durable materials, so while they might be an initial investment purchase, they’ll last a lifetime.

I love every colour Le Creuset has come out with and as someone who has a fair few blue-toned Le Creuset mugs already, I’ll definitely be adding the new Chambray tone to my collection… and probably a few Rhône products while I’m at it!

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
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