I’m obsessed with Le Creuset’s new Coupe collection for spring

Le Creuset launches Coupe collection with new colours & styles

Le Creuset Coupe collection
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Le Creuset has just launched its Coupe collection, introducing four new colourways and five new products to its iconic line-up of cookware, bakeware and kitchen essentials. The beautiful colours and style of the new Coupe line makes it perfect for spring and a welcome addition to your new or growing Le Creuset collection.

Le Creuset is well known for its attractive practical range of enamelled cast iron products, including Dutch ovens, casseroles, roasting pans, skillets, mugs, plates and more. As most of its collections are key staples in many kitchens, Le Creuset tends to add to its growing line with different colourways, but the new Coupe range also introduces its own style of products.

The Coupe collection is a new dinnerware set that seamlessly fits into the modern home and lifestyle. Designed for celebrating, hosting and enriching your current décor, each item from the Coupe line can be easily mixed and matched with one another and with other Le Creuset colours and styles.

First, let’s take a look at the new Coupe colours. There are four colourways to choose from: Sea Salt, Meringue, Shell Pink and Flint. These incredibly neutral colours are delicate, versatile, and work together nicely to deliver pastel tones to your kitchen aesthetic. The colours can stand out and make a statement on their own or take a backseat for more powerful colours and designs, like the signature Le Creuset Volcanic Orange.

Le Creuset Coupe in all four colours

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Coupe isn’t the only launch from Le Creuset in 2023. Earlier this year Le Creuset launched its Azure collection, a new colourway inspired by the Mediterranean sea. But unlike Azure, the Coupe has five new products to choose from, including the Stoneware Coupe Mug, Stoneware Coupe Dinner Plate, Stoneware Coupe Side Plate, Stoneware Coupe Cereal Bowl and the Stoneware Coupe Pasta Bowl.

Alongside its new four colourways, the bowls, plates and mug have a glazed three-ring design, similar to other Le Creuset cookware. What sets them apart is the organic curved shaping where the edges of the dining ware are slightly raised, giving it a classic ‘coupe’ shape which you see in popular glassware.

The Coupe stoneware has a minimalist style which makes it perfect for mixing and matching. With the mugs, the colour almost leaks down the mug exterior, giving an ombre effect in all four colours.

The Coupe collection is perfect for spring and for all types of kitchens, especially ones with muted colours. Prices on the new Coupe dining stoneware start at £14, making it very affordable, even if you’re buying multiple pieces to make a set.

P.S. If you want to save money on Le Creuset cookware this spring, Amazon and John Lewis are offering up to 40% off Le Creuset essentials right now.

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