Knog’s bright idea: brand's new Blinder lights make you wish for night rides

The radical cycling accessory brand dares to be ‘Technically UnKonventional’

Knog launches new e-bike Bliner E and Bliber X lights
(Image credit: Knog)

E-bikes are everywhere, and no one knows this better than cycling accessory brand Knog, which just underwent a complete rebrand, bringing its rebellious spirit to the assisted biking masses.

This fresh visual identity reflects the company’s “diversified applications and commitment to innovative design, positioning the brand for a new era of bold, spirited products,” it says.

As well as freshening up the company’s image, Knog also introduced a fresh set of bike lights called the E-range, built on the Blidner, one of the company’s most popular lights.

This compact and durable system features four front lights – 900, 1300, 1800, and 2300 lumens – alongside two rear StVZO-approved rack lights in square and horizontal designs. Blinder E front lights have a robust 6061 aluminium body and a focus/flood beam combination.

The also hot-off-the-press Blinder X Range is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery and features powerful 1800 and 2300-lumen light heads for extended illumination for long rides.

The Blinder X range includes both bar-mounted and helmet-mounted options. Like the Blinder E series, it uses intentionally designed optics to ‘project light where it's needed’, ensuring a bright and reliable journey through any terrain.

The most affordable of the new lights are the Blinder E RS rear and front lights, which have a 25-lumen output, include a 50mm and 80mm mounting bracket, and cost $39.95 (each). The Blinder X 2300 sits at the other end of the scale with its monster 2300-lumen output and 6 pre-programmed light modes for $269.95.

All lights are available now at Knog. For more info on cycling illumination options, check out T3’s best bike lights and best bike rear lights guides. 

Matt Kollat
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