iPhone 13 video shows radical folding and sliding iPhones

These iPhone 13 concepts are impressive

iPhone 13 video
(Image credit: Kashama | ConceptsiPhone)

We're starting to see small titbits of information about the iPhone 13 range of phones break cover, including that they look set to introduce 120Hz displays to Apple phone users for the first time.

However, right now we don't have any real idea as to just what the iPhone 13 range of handsets is going to look like, and that had led to numerous design videos to be created by concept makers.

Now, though, we've just had our most radical concept designs yet for the iPhone 13 land, with a fresh video showing both a sliding and a folding new iPhone. The video also shows a depiction of the much-rumored Apple Glasses and Apple Car, too.

Basically, the iPhone 13 video here packs in a huge dose of future tech, and it can be viewed in full directly below.

As can be seen in the iPhone 13 video, which is the work of ConceptsiPhone and entitled "iPhone 13 – Innovative Screen", the first phone shown off is a sliding iPhone concept that has context and orientation sensitive usage modes, with apps, camera system and more presented on both the upper and lower screens.

This handset is then followed by a folding iPhone, that looks similar to the iPhone Flip concept we saw earlier this year. The novel thing about this design is the phone can be automatically opened from its closed state with a swipe of a virtual toggle.

Another sliding iPhone device is then shown, which features a brace of square screens, as well as a futuristic looking Apple Car and pair of AR Apple Glasses.

And, while the designs shown in this concept video stand no chance of being realised this year, or indeed ever, they are interesting to see and show what theoretically could be possible in phone design in decades from now.

As for the Apple Car, while it would be cool to be able to drive around in the beastly motor shown off in the video, we can't see it happening, and after the drawn out failure of Google Glass, we're not convinced we'll see Apple Glasses, either.

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